Kevin Bagley 1954-2019

In loving memory of Kevin Michael Bagley, husband, father, grandpa, brother and friend.

Kevin Michael Bagley was born on February 28th, 1954 in Seattle WA. Kevin was the youngest of 3 brothers Mark Bagley, Curt Bagley, and Berl Bagley. In 1972, Kevin married Linda M. Bagley who will be celebrating their 47th anniversary on October 14th, 2019. In 1975 welcomed daughter Jennifer L. Bagley and 1998 welcomed grandson Torel Bagley the love of his life.

1970s Kevin co-owned with Linda Bagley, Lake Hill Group Home developing one of the first semi-independent living training programs for developmentally disabled adults.
1980's Kevin discovered a new adventure, writing game and educational software, such as Star Gazer's Guide to the Galaxy, Ape Escape, Mabel's Mansion and was a guest author for Apple Magazine when the magazine first came out.

In the late 1980's he took a programming job where he worked for nearly 15 years with Maverick International as a programmer.

In 2002 Kevin began his Real Estate career with Linda Bagley, within 2 years opened mortgage company, Polaris Financial Services in Woodinville and Special Agents Realty.adjoining offices.
Kevin and Linda bought a 1989 72' duel stern paddle-wheeler and moved aboard in 2007 to present. By 2008 Kevin discovered the City of Seattle would be eliminating as many houseboats as they could in Seattle waters, so he set out with Linda to learn as much as he could to help protect the small houseboat liveaboard community. He spent thousands of hours and 11 years battling the City of Seattle. Then organized LULA (Lake Union Liveaboard Association) and successfully changed legislation to protect Seattle Houseboats, now known as Floating On-Water Residences in the city of Seattle.

In 2015 Kevin and Linda went back to legislation, this time with the support of Real Estate Commissioners and the REALTOR's Association to successfully pass House Bill 1309 to exempt real estate brokers from having to have a vessel broker license to sell a houseboat and to allow houseboats to be listed on the NMLS.

Kevin has been featured on popular TV shows such as HGTV, TLC, Tiny Houseboats and Beachfront Bargains. He was an advocate, real estate broker, entrepreneur, scientist, astronomer, pianist, photographer, world traveler, gamer, caver, snorkeler, diver, comedian, and most of all a family man. He spent his free time traveling with family whom he loves so much. He will be missed and remembered by so many lives he touched.

Kevin directed no ceremony in his honor, that family celebrates life preferably on a nice warm beach as he would have enjoyed. He planned a trip for the family in December to Coco Kay Beach where we will all go and honor his wishes, walk on the beach, play in the ocean and remember him. He just wanted a little more time.....

Love each other, hug often, play harder and be kind always tomorrow is not promised. As he always said, we have to make the time.

In loving memory of Kevin M. Bagley - Feb. 28th, 1954 - Oct. 6th, 2019 in Seattle WA. RIP
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