Salmon Bay Marina
From Mauri Shuler, President of LULA

Last week, LULA officers had a long and productive meeting with Port of Seattle officials who are weighing their plans for Floating On Water Residences at their newly-acquired marina, Salmon Bay Marina, next to Fisherman's Terminal. They requested the meeting to ask for background and potential suggestions for their policies at Salmon Bay Marina. President Mauri Shuler and Vice President John Chaney emphasized the importance of permanent moorage for those FlOWRs currently moored at Salmon Bay and ideas for assigning moorage if those vessels transfer ownership. Port officials agreed to work with LULA as the policies are created, rather than after they are written. We are hopeful the FOWRs currently residing at Salmon Bay will be offered more than the current 3 year lease and certainly hopeful the Port will work closely with us on future policies.
From Michelle Giarmarco, Resident of Salmon Bay Marina

Salmon Bay Marina is a community of 160 vessels including a few dozen liveaboards, house barges, VDUs, and houseboat FlOWRs. We are a low-key group retirees, students, professionals, and young families. After over 70 years of private ownership, the Port of Seattle has purchased Salmon Bay Marina for $15.7M. As a condition of sale, the Port attempted to bully former Marina owners into evicting several house barges and FlOWRs in March 2018 over arbitrary Port rules regarding navigability. Political pressure was exerted with the help of LULA to uncover bureaucratic blindness at the Port, the evictions were subsequently cancelled, and the Port then expressed interest in conditional moorage agreements on 3-year terms.

Sale of the Marina closes June 8, 2018 and the Port has been radio-silent to its new tenants for apparent legal reasons, even with regard to basic things like moorage payments and mail delivery. They have arranged a "Meet & Greet" for tenants and their operations team Saturday June 16th from 9AM-12PM at Salmon Bay Marina (2100 W Commodore Way), and say they will be meeting with tenants to draft new moorage agreements once the Marina transfer is complete.

3-year moorage terms are a great start, but like moorage agreements at other Port marinas, we also ask that they be renewable and transferable. Further, we're asking that documented house barges and FlOWRs be formally exempted from navigability requirements in Port liveaboard moorages.