The Ship Canal Water Quality Project team is getting ready for summer! Come visit our booths at the Fremont Fair, June 16-17, and Ballard Seafood Fest July 13-15. We'd love to challenge you to a game of cornhole and answer any questions you might have about our work. We'll be sending more reminders as the events approach.

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When completed, this project will keep more than 60 million gallons of polluted water out of the Ship Canal, Salmon Bay and Lake Union each year. That's enough water to fill more than 90 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Neighborhood update - Ballard

The Ship Canal Water Quality Project is currently in the process of bidding its first construction package for Ballard Early Work. We anticipate construction starting in early fall 2018 and lasting through mid-2019. Work will take place on and around the former Yankee Diner restaurant site at 24th and Shilshole Avenues NW to prepare for upcoming Ship Canal Water Quality Project tunnel construction.

Work will include:
• Building a new 24th Avenue NW public access pier to allow the future tunnel project to remove soil by barge during tunnel boring
• Removing contaminated soil from the former Yankee Diner restaurant site
• Installing utilities such as water and electrical service in 24th Avenue NW to support future tunnel construction
• Removing in-water debris to enhance wildlife habitat
• Installing public art from local artists

You can learn more about the plans for your neighborhood on the Ship Canal Water Quality Program websites:

The 24th Avenue NW public pier will be closed once construction begins through December 2022. We'll be sharing additional information about a summer pre-construction drop-in session via the listserv as well as on our website and Next Door.

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