Liveaboards in Seattle Waters;
Lake Union, from Ballard Locks to Union Bay, and Duwamish River
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Lake Union Liveaboard Association (LULA) was formed to protect and promote the liveaboard lifestyle in Seattle Waters. We are here to ensure this unique lifestyle is preserved and to provide encouragement and education to our members to safeguard Lake Union and Ship Canal waters from the Chittenden Locks to Union Bay.

Lake Union Liveaboard Association has achieved significant results in our efforts to protect the liveaboard lifestyle including passing state legislation (RCW 90.58.270) that created the Floating On-Water Residence (FOWR) definition and protects all FOWRs that were in the state prior to July 1st, 2014. Floating On-Water Residences are defined as…

…any floating structure other than a floating home, as defined under subsection (5) of this section, that: (i) Is designed or used primarily as a residence on the water and has detachable utilities; and (ii) whose owner or primary occupant has held an ownership interest in space in a marina, or has held a lease or sublease to use space in a marina, since a date prior to July 1, 2014.

The City of Seattle has established Standards for Floating On-Water Residences as described in the Seattle Municipal Code section 23.60A.203. Lake Union Liveaboard Association expended many hours to negotiate these Standards, and while they are not perfect, they are an improvement over where we were prior to July 1, 2014.

Lake Union Liveaboard Association represents ALL liveaboards in Seattle, whether they are in FOWRs, Recreational Vessels, House Barges, or other liveaboard situations. We believe that this community is environmentally protective, eclectic, unique and worth preserving for all time. If you live on the lake, you have likely already benefited from LULA's efforts. We encourage you to Join LULA, participate in committees, and attend events. The cost for LULA is $50 per year per over-water residence. There are also Vendor memberships at $50 per year and if you would simply like to support LULA and receive LULA benefits, you can become a Supporter for $50 per year.

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As a member of LULA, you will be registered on the LULA mailing list and will receive important updates and alerts. A lot is happening with Seattle DCI and it's impact on the Lake Union liveaboard community. You will also belong to our FaceBook group and receive updates on that site also.

By being a member of LULA your/our voice is heard. The yearly membership is $50.00.

We would love to know if you are a liveaboard in Seattle area waters. Please fill out the contact form and ask any questions of the Board Members. We are here to support you and hope you want to support us in our endeavors for the liveaboard community.
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Again, Thank You for your support and please share this with your friends and invite them to join LULA, especially if you have newbies on your docks.