Salmon Bay Marina
March 6, 2018
(Lake Union Liveaboard Association)
Seattle, WA

Four (4) tiny houseboats have been saved from eviction by the efforts of LULA and the swift decisiveness of the Port of Seattle Commission.

In their effort to purchase Salmon Bay Marina, next to their Fisherman's Terminal in the Seattle Ship Canal, the Port said the houseboats must be "removed." The owners were given eviction notices. There are no live-aboard slips available and waiting lists exceed one year. LULA immediately contacted Port staff and Port Commissioners who looked at the situation.

Four houseboats (now known as Floating On Water Residences, or FLOWRs) are part of a small fleet of live-aboard vessels protected by state law. These FLOWRs had been moored in Salmon Bay Marina for decades and were considered very good tenants. They complied with laws and best management practices while providing a steady income stream and security for the marina.

"We simply pointed out to the Commissioners the legal status of our fleet," said Mauri Moore Shuler, President of LULA, "and the benefits to not evicting them based only on a discriminatory and outdated policy."

LULA received prompt replies from all members of the Commission and key staff working on the issue. Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck met with LULA officers Mauri Moore Shuler and John Chaney along with Michelle Giarmarco, an owner from the Salmon Bay FLOWR community. In the course of just weeks, the Commission decided in favor of leaving the FLOWRs in place.

Today, the Port notified FLOWR owners (LULA members) that they could stay in their live-aboard moorage slips and that a long-term lease agreement with them will be negotiated.

In an email, the Port Executive Director Stephen Metruck wrote, "Once the port takes ownership of the marina we will sit down with you and execute a new three-year lease term for your slip, subject to conditions."

LULA thanks the Seattle Port Commission for standing up for this small collection of houseboats in a world full of expensive yachts and unaffordable housing options in the city of Seattle.

"We celebrate the Port's common sense leadership in this matter and hope that all Ports and cities understand the important historic, cultural and economic advantages our fleet provides to the State of Washington," said LULA President, Mauri Shuler.

Meanwhile, the people most affected - who were about to be made homeless - are celebrating.
"We thank the Port of Seattle," said Michelle Giarmarco, "and are thrilled with the fast and fair resolution. We look forward to being integral members of the Port's newest live-aboard community."

Mauri Moore Shuler, 206-819-3819,
Michelle Giarmarco, 206-694-3354,